Distance Learning in the Music Classroom- one step closer!

Breaking news on the distance learning front!  After talking with my district technology coordinator, they are looking for a chance to test out a state of the art conferencing system.  Are you kidding?  COUNT ME IN!  They are going to hook up my school to a school about 40 miles away (still in the district) with a system capable of transferring data at over 1 terrabyte per second!

The idea will be to deliver concept lessons over distance.  For example, the band director that I will be sharing this project with is an outstanding educator that has many great “tips and tools” that he can deliver to my students without having to set foot in my classroom!  I will do the same for him.  It will be sort of like having a clinician on call!

Other uses for this technology will be masterclasses led by the finer musicians in each of our bands, and possibly some private instruction.  I would love to hear suggestions from readers on how best to take advantage of this opportunity!  Once the equipment (from what I understand, it is pretty portable) is installed, I will blog about the progress with this project.   Once I am comfortable with the technology, and if it is compatible with other systems (I HOPE it’s not a proprietary system) I will be anxious to try a collaboration over a greater distance.  I am very excited about the possibilities!


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