Web 2.0 a-go-go

What is this web 2.0 thing anyway? Web 1.0 (the original world wide web) was all about the “webmaster” posting information on pages and constantly updating them. The web usedto be about one person or group of people exporting information and knowlege while “surfers” searched for the knowledge or information. Web 2.0 is about collaboration. Social bookmarking, wiki spaces, blogging, and podcasting are all examples of Web 2.0 (or read/write web) technologies. The really exciting thing is that they are all FREE! OpenSourceprograms are built on adaptable code that is freely shared for the good of all. Hence, there are upwards of 20-30 new open source, web 2.0, social interaction technologies birthed every week!.

Recently Joe Pisano, the music technology professor at Grove City College posted a facinating article highlighting the best of Web 2.0. In his latest post, “Top 5 web 2.0 applications”, he gives us some wonderful insight on these cool tools. CAUTION! when you read this post, make sure you give yourself several hours to explore all the goodies- if you’re like me, you’ll get lost in them and the hours will fly by!


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