Tech- but not for Tech’s sake!

October 3, 2006

I felt that I needed to write this post to clear up a potential misunderstanding.  The title of my blog- the “digital music educator” may be a bit misleading.  While I am an avid proponent of technology in the music classroom, I know from experience that the very best way to use technology is to make sure that it fits the need.

It is absolutely not necessary to have the “latest and greatest” or “state of the art”.  You run the risk of having such a steep learning curve that frustration can set in, and a well-meaning attempt at integrating technology  ends up being more trouble than it’s worth!  Technology should be implemented when it helps do a task or teach a concept better.  It can also be used to do new things that are only possible by utilizing technology.

Sometimes older technology or simple technology (word processing or recording equipment) is just the right thing to deepen learning. Remember- the key is to USE technology as a tool, not to LEARN technology to do something that you can do quickly, easily, and efficiently the “low tech” way!  So before you run out and buy that new software guaranteed to make your band play in tune for only $1,000- you might try the “low tech” digital (or-gasp-analog)  tuner!