And the winner is…(digital recorder for the band room)

Well, I finally decided on a new digital recorder for my bandroom. In a previous post I highlighted the Edirol R09, which is a fantastic unit…but I finally decided on a zoom H4. The deciding factor was price (no surprise here- I work at a public school!) $100 less than any competitor.

More than price, the features and included accessories and software finally put me over the edge. How can you say no to the H4’s microphone modeling feature which touts such legends as the AKG 414 and the Neumann U87! That’s almost $4,000 worth of microphones at your fingertips! The H4 is also an interface- USB connection to your computer AND has XLR and TRS inputs WITH phantom power! It also includes a lite version of Cubase software for recording on your computer.

With all of these extras, I just couldn’t pass it up. I am giving up “point and shoot” ease of the R09, but I think a little confusion with the menus is well worth the effort and “bang for the buck”. As promised, I purchased it through my personal representative (I’m not anyone special- everyone gets a personal representative at Sweetwater…) and it should be in my hands in about a week. After I play around with it for a while, I’ll post my experiences.

Remember- you really can’t go wrong with any of the latest handheld recorders- the convenience they afford (I just confirmed this after racking up all of my recording equipment and lugging it to my auditorium) will enable us to record our ensembles anywhere, anytime with stellar quality (at least as compared to the old analog options!)


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