New ActivBoard for my room

It has been WAY too long between posts- sorry! After getting back from FMEA all-state (our state music clinic/convention) the first week of Jan. I am just now starting to catch up! Solo and Ensemble Festival/Jazz Festival coming up, etc. etc….

Last week I got a surprise late Christmas gift- a brand new ActivBoard! My old ‘board was on a mobile stand and had to be hooked up to a projector that was on a media cart (also mobile) that caused no end of frustration with calibration- having to re-calibrate the board each time I accidentally bumped into it (which was often). The new one is not only the much improved Series 2 board, but is also mounted with a nifty short-throw projector that is just great!

Now, it becomes much more an extension of my teaching when I can simply turn around and start using the board without having to set it up and get all of the connections right, etc. I now have my lesson on the board as a flip chart when the students come in (including the state curricular standards and lesson objectives that are now a requirement from the district) as well as a virtual staff board (like the white boards with the staffs on them) and any Internet resources that I am going to use for the day ready to go at the click of a pen!

It is really nice to have all of my resources in one place (including web pages, recordings, videos, etc.) at my fingertips and logically laid out so that I don’t waste time and can take advantage of teachable moments.

I included a picture of the board with this post (please excuse the messy room!) so you can see that it also includes speakers and a sub-woofer for nice sound (I still use my high-end sound equipment for critical listening).

I plan to use the new activstudio software version for Mac that includes RECORDING CAPABILITIES to enhance my lesson on critical listening. I will post about that after I do the lesson.

ActivBoard series 2 installed



3 Responses to New ActivBoard for my room

  1. J. Pisano says:


    You’ll have to include some video pictures with the music staves, etc. on them. Pretty nice classroom tool though.


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