Smart Music 10.0 workshop at my school

I was contacted by a representative from Smart Music today with an offer to have a hands-on demonstration at my school for the new 10.0 version.  I jumped at the chance!  If you haven’t seen the new version, it has some very intriguing aspects including an online assessment module, which is extremely promising and a GREAT addition.  I’ve played around with the new version just a bit, and am also interested in the new concert band titles that are “smart-music assessable”.  I have gone the arduous route of inputing music in finale and translating it to smart music (a very time-intensive task even when scanning) and I welcome the expansion in this area!

Since it is summer, blogging will be more infrequent but I will update you all on any progress in this area.  I am sure that this new version of an already excellent product will be of great interest to the music education community.

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