When technology attacks!

Recently I have been plagued with a rash of technology failures.  At my marching band (Drum and Bugle Corps) rehearsals last week I was hamstrung by a bad connecting cord between my wireless Dr. Beat transmitter and the Dr. Beat (15 min. of rehearsal time lost while I went with plan B) a podcast for my SLC ground to a halt when the server was “down” for maintenance the day I wanted to post, and my ActivBoard mysteriously lost connection to my computer right at the critical moment when I was presenting class content.

The moral of the story is:  ALWAYS HAVE PLAN “B”!!!

Be sure to test and check every aspect of your presentation or rehearsal using technology so that the dreaded “murphy’s law” doesn’t kick in…

Technology is wonderful…WHEN IT WORKS!!!

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2 Responses to When technology attacks!

  1. tjweller says:


    Sorry to hear you were reduced to teaching in the 20th century…again…

    We are in the midst of some technology advances at my school. As part of a “Classrooms for the Future” Grant, our school is receiving 120 some labtop computers, and smart boards in at least 8 of the classrooms. Looking down the road (maybe two years), I may be in line to get one of the smart boards for the band room. I am wondering if your Activ Board is the same thing, and would love to talk to you about how you utilize it during a rehearsal.


    Travis J. Weller

  2. obradley48 says:


    I tried to find an email for you, so I hope that you have an rss to the comments or something so that you will read this…

    I would be very happy to talk with you- you can send me an email at owenbradley@gmail.com and we could set up a Skype call or something. The boards are a blessing and a curse…I use mine almost daily, but there are times I long for a good old whiteboard and dry erase markers!

    ActivBoards and SmartBoards are pretty much the same thing with a few proprietary technologies- let me know how I can help.

    Owen Bradley

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