Happy Spring Break!

I’m heading out of town for some much needed R&R this week. After a grueling month of preparation for our spring musical and getting our new electronic music lab up and running I’m simply exhausted! Not even time for blogging!

When I get back I am looking forward to starting our next project in the alternative music class as well s preparing our spring concert (we’re doing the note-for-note transcription of Raiders’ March- fabulous! as well as video games live pt. 1) my kids can’t wait for the performance! We decided not to go to State Concert Band MPA this year (even though we earned a superior at district) it is just too much to keep polishing the district music and we don’t have time to prepare anything new, so we are going to put on an incredible spring concert instead!

We are also going to do our first Night of Jazz with our top jazz band- this is going to be a stretch for them as they have never given a concert all by themselves. I’ll have to pick Joe Pisano’s brain as to how to do the sound reinforcement- he and Darren did a great podcast about it a while back.

Speaking of podcasts- I’m planning on interviewing and talking about how we do our Spring Musical when I get back- I’ll put it on my PodOMatic podcast site- I think we really have a unique working relationship between all of the Arts areas and we really shine when we work together.

OK, so I guess I do have time to blog- I really do enjoy it and miss it when things get crazy- perhaps I should look at it as therapy! I can’t wait to read all of the ME bloggers sites to see what is happening around the country. Maybe I’ll do this on my ipod touch while lounging at the pool!


3 Responses to Happy Spring Break!

  1. Don New says:

    Hello Owen.

    Hope you had a great spring break and got your needed R&R. I am the music tech instructor at The McDonogh School, a private school near Baltimore MD. I am also a professional musician.

    I just wanted to let you know that you might find more success for your wind players if you go with the Yamaha wind controller. The Akai has some fabulous sounds and features but they come with a steep learning curve. It also encourages the wrong type of hand position for your sax players… it requires a finger up style and sax players should keep their fingers on or as close as possible to the keys.

    Just a thought. Now that I found the ME bloggers page I look forward to following how things are going with your new tech lab.


  2. Have a cocktail for me!!!! But please, leave out the little umbrella!


  3. obradley48 says:

    Thanks, Don! I was looking into the wind controller and was leaning toward the Yamaha…I had no idea about the learning curve with the Akai- good to know!


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