Merging technologies- the lines are blurring in social networking

June 20, 2009

I just networked my blog to Facebook, which I also allowed Twitter to automatically update. Huh?

This summer I am experimenting with merging technologies as I study the phenomenon of social networking to realize it’s future impact on education.  As with many technologies- for example my new video camera which is also a 10 megapixel still camera and my blackberry which is a little of everything- we are witnessing a confluence of technology that seems to be leading to the “holy grail” of the “killer device” which will serve all of our needs.  My vote for the device in the lead would be the iphone 3gs which was just announced- this bears watching.

We seem to be always on the cusp of that “holy grail” whether it be a netbook or smartphone we seem to be heading to that one technology that will serve all of our needs.  It will be interesting to see in the coming months and years the acceleraton towards this ideal.

As for social networking, we are witnessing the explosion of information integraton on a large scale- applications sharing information with each other and overlapping to the point where we do not know where one ends and another begins.

I am very interested to hear your comments on this subject!