Jemsite: It’s NOT only Rock n’ Roll (and I like it!)

Recently I was contacted by the good people over at Jemsite to do an electronic interview.  After checking out their site, I was really impressed!  If you haven’t seen the site yet, you should check it out- they are branching out into music education and (correctly, in my opinion) realizing that music education is changing and growing, crossing boundaries and blurring the lines with popular music.

It is exactly this type of partnership and teamwork that we need as we transform our classrooms to reflect the needed changes for the 21st Century. Students today are interested in more than just the traditional music education delivery model, and as I have said in my posts many times before, we MUST reach the approximately 80% of students walking around our school hallways who are NOT in our music classroom!

What an opportunity to connect and share resources- A HUGE name in guitars like Ibanez certainly commands attention from today’s non-traditional music student seeking to make choices about how to express themselves musically.  How COOL is it that they recognize the importance of what we educators do on a daily basis and want to support our efforts?  This type of partnership is CRITICAL in the coming years as we change the way we view music education!


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