15 Places to Find Free Music Online

July 28, 2010

By: Karen Schweitzer

There are many different sites that allow users to listen to and download free music online. Some sites even offer the ability to share music and playlists with friends through websites, blogs, and social media sites. Here are 15 great places to find free and legal music on the web.

Pandora – Based on the sophisticated taxonomy of the Music Genome Project, Pandora is an Internet Radio site that allows you to create personalized radio stations based on music you like. Simply type in the name of a singer, composer, band, or song you enjoy, and Pandora will create a free radio station that plays that music or music like it.

Playlist – Playlist is the world’s largest music community. Members can create their own personal playlists and share them through websites, blogs, and social media sites.

Qloud – Qloud is a free music library that can be used to play music online or share songs via Twitter. The site also shows songs that are being played by other Qloud users.

Songza – This site allows site visitors to browse for songs and artists or create a radio station that plays a mix of songs. Songza also offers featured mixes, such as pop hits, dance party, indie rap, and dinner party.

Live365.com – Live365.com is an Internet radio network that features more than 250 genres of music produced by over 6,000 radio stations in 150 different countries. You can search for radio stations by genre or artist.

MixPod – This social music playlist community lets users create free online playlists, browse playlists created by other people, and share playlists on social media sites.

Jango – Jango is a free social music service that allows users to play unlimited free music online. Simply type in what you want to hear, and Jango will create a personalized radio station for you. You can share your station with friends and tune into stations other people have created.

iLike – This MySpace site calls itself a “social music discovery service.” ¬†After creating a profile, iLike users can share music, playlists, music recommendations, and personalized concert alerts.

Piano Society – Piano Society maintains the largest library of free classical piano recordings on the web. Site visitors can download free music and read about more than 200 different classical and contemporary artists and composers.

SkreemR – SkreemR is a free mp3 search engine that can be used to locate music, remixes, podcasts, recorded radio, and other audio files on the web. More than 12 million mp3 files from over 100,000 websites have been indexed by SkreemR so far.

FindSounds – Similar to SkreemR, FindSounds is an audio search engine that allows users to search the web for free music, sound effects, file formats, and more.

8notes – 8notes is a free sheet music database. The site also offers free riffs, lessons, and tools for musicians and music fans.

Mutopia – The goal of the Mutopia Project is to make sheet music and classical music freely available over the web. Mutopia visitors can download, print out, perform, and distribute nearly 1,700 pieces of music.

RoyaltyFreeMusic.com – This site offers a wide range of royalty free sounds and music. Many of these items on this site are free for everyone. Educators who sign up for RoyaltyFreeMusic.com’s classroom program can gain free access to additional tracks from the site’s stock music library.

BearShare – BearShare is free file sharing software. It can be used to legally download free music and share mp3 files with friends.

Guest post from education writer Karen Schweitzer. Karen is the About.com Guide to Business School. She also writes about pharmacy technician training for PharmacyTechnicianCertification.com.


Famous Bands who started in college

July 28, 2010

A while back I was contacted by Kaitlyn Cole about an article on the Online Universities website.¬† I was really blown away by who was on the top 10 list including some of my favorites (R.E.M, Pink Floyd, Queen- guess I am dating myself here…)

What a great conversation starter for any general music class or as an answer to the ever present question- why do I need to study music when I have my own “band”?

Check out this great article!