Famous Bands who started in college

A while back I was contacted by Kaitlyn Cole about an article on the Online Universities website.  I was really blown away by who was on the top 10 list including some of my favorites (R.E.M, Pink Floyd, Queen- guess I am dating myself here…)

What a great conversation starter for any general music class or as an answer to the ever present question- why do I need to study music when I have my own “band”?

Check out this great article!


One Response to Famous Bands who started in college

  1. youngbecca says:

    I like this idea, it works for any student who “has a band” or “likes to sing” but is reluctant to participate in their school’s music program.
    I have a question for you if you don’t mind— I noticed that your last post was in January, and was wondering why you have not kept up your blog since then. Have you changed technologies… or just switched interests? I am taking a class on incorporating web tools in the classroom, and am just looking for more resources to do so. Thanks!

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