Drillbook app for Iphone

With the marching competition season upon us I just had to mention this.  We are witnessing a whole new era- no more set books (spiral notebooks) and pencils- you can even send to your printer- cool!

Drill Book App for Iphone


2 Responses to Drillbook app for Iphone

  1. sabi says:

    http://www.seedlingscentre.com A science teacher at Bundang management high school, 20 kilometers southeast of downtown Seoul (South Korea) involved his students in an Arduino Music project running on Arduino Uno, Sparkfun Music Instrument Shield and Makey Makey.

    Students started studying the principles of sensors and then built their own music instruments using recycled materials. Finally they played them as you can see from the video he shared with us:

  2. Michael says:

    I like the idea of a drill book app for marching bands because it would save paper and money for the individual programs. That being said, would you make it your sole way for the students to get their drill charts? If you do, how would you accommodate the students from families who do not have enough money to buy their child a smart phone or does not allow them to have one? Ideally, it would be amazing to have this for all your students but do you think it should be an option available but not required?

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